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Building an addition to your Home?

Building an addition to your Home?

Just because you have a home doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like it. There always seems to be something missing from their house that prevents it from being your dream house. Thankfully renovations are more accessible than ever and offer more options than ever before. People can easily make renovations. relocating, and, yes, even house expansions to their humble abode. It is not only possible to expand your home but also becoming quite lucrative. Home renovations are getting increasingly common, and for good reasons. This article will show why this trend is happening and why you should consider it.

Building an addition

Building an addition Building an addition

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What is a House Expansion?

As the name suggests, a project like this focuses on adding extra sections to your house. These sections can either be a separate building like an ADU or attached to the main complex like a new wing.

For the former, expansions can be whatever you want. They can be for storage, a private den, home offices, or even a miniature house. All that matters is that you get approval from the city first. 

If you want to expand your existing house, the process is much simpler but still offers options. One of your options is where do you want to expand your home.

The most common method is by extending the construction to new wings. This method reclaims land in your property for an entirely new structure. If you are strapped for space, you can also repurpose existing rooms as well. How this works is that you will convert areas like your garage to living space.

But if side to side expansion isn’t what you want, you also have the options for home expansions up to and down. This process involves creating a basement or attic for you to use. They don’t need to create a new one and can also just mean modifying and enlarging existing areas.

How to Choose an Expansion

So with all these different options, it cannot be easy to choose the right one for you. These other expansions all come with pros and cons. To answer that, you need to analyze what resources you have and what you expect from this expansion. Both of these things can affect which ones you end up with.

For example, space will determine your home renovation’s direction, literally. There is no point in expanding outside with an extra room or ADU if there is no space. 

If your property is too small, you may have to consider alternatives such as converting existing rooms to serve your purpose. This can be a garage, storage area, or your attic and basement. The upside is that the costs are much cheaper than building an entirely new site.

Suppose you have the space and resources, then what should you think about when making your house addition. One is what you will be using the new space for. Things like storage don’t need an entirely new room, but a bathroom and kitchen might. 

The second is what are the requirements for that new room? Will you need piping or electrical connections because those might limit your options? If you are going to have someone staying there, placing them upstairs in the attic or basement is a good idea?

Lastly is money. Like it or not, all of these projects will cost money, but what can vary how much it will cost? These projects aren’t built the same, and thus the costs can vary.

It’s a lot easier to renovate one room than it is to build a new structure ultimately. The process is also less of a hassle since it requires less paperwork. All of these are factors you should think carefully about.

Benefits of a Home Expansion Efficient Land Use

If you look at your property, in many cases, you might not be using it to its fullest extent. Your house may only take a portion of the physical property, leaving the rest open for use. Even within your home itself, there are probably rooms and sections that you might not be using. That is what a house expansion can help with. 

Within your house, you can take a second look at your rooms and see what you can use them for. If there is a room you are not using, you now have a chance to convert it and turn it into something else.

You can now make use of the space underneath it above your house as well for whatever you need. These can create extra storage, sleeping, or kitchen space for you and your family.

On the other hand, for the outside, it can make use of empty swaths of land that you don’t need. So instead of just sitting empty, you can set something up to make it more productive. 

Even though it might be expensive, it might be better than the alternative of buying an entirely new plot of land. It seems wasteful to buy a completely new property when you can improve yours.

Money isn’t the only advantage, either. The process of renovating is cheaper and faster overall, with less red tape in your way. Despite that, you can still enjoy most of the benefits.

Adds Value to Your Home 

An expansion isn’t just a win for you, it can also be a win for the property with the value it adds. If you consult a realtor about this, they will agree that an addition like this can significantly add value to your home in the property market. 

How much value it adds depends on what you do to the property. For example, bedrooms and bathrooms can increase the value by as much as 20%. The reason for that is that parents can make use of this extra space for their kids. 

On the other hand, something like a den can go well with people who don’t have kids and want to enjoy it for themselves. Then an ADU is their own story, but you can use them for rental space to anyone looking for a cheap place to live in.

It’s important to remember that what might motivate you to renovate this property might also be the same ideas that other people have. The difference is that thanks to you, they won’t need to do any of the work.

If you ever plan on selling your house, a home expansion like that can cause the value to jump and give you more bargaining power. For many people, that assurance that this investment can pay itself off can be reassuring and serve as the push to get them to go through with it.

Creates Your Ideal Home

Even if you are not going to sell your house, you still might want to look into sprucing it up. If anything, it might be more important to do that if you are not planning on selling your home. If you spend decades of your life in that house, then shouldn’t you try and make it the ideal home you want?


Your options for a renovation are nearly endless. Whatever you want to add, whether it be a kitchen, bedroom, or home office, you can with this expansion. These can help make your house more comfortable and feel like a natural home.

A home expansion also gives you the chance to work on your needs as well as your wants. You can make necessary changes with your home expansion, such as providing more storage space or an extra bedroom if you have kids along the way.

You don’t even need to build new structures as you can change existing rooms such as your attics, basements, garage, or any area. During the repairs, you can expand them and clean them up.

While the construction teams are already there, you can use this opportunity to have them work on other parts of your house. Professionals like Toro Construction have experience in general maintenance and can also perform repairs. Having them there ensures you make the most of this opportunity.

These renovations don’t even need to be for you, either. An ADU or guesthouse can also help your loved ones find a place to stay. If not them, then maybe a tenant who you can rent that area out for a bit of extra money.


Although some people think that house expansions might be redundant and unnecessary, there is much more to it than it seems. In the right hands, it can be a sound investment and save you a lot of money. Whether you sell it or pass it on, a renovation like this leaves your house more valuable than you found.

Aside from the money, though, a project like this can let your home come together. It is an opportunity to bring together the different things you want in your home. For the owners, it gives them something new to enjoy with their house and makes it the home you want to live in.

If you are going to be living there, you might as well make the most of it.